Sunday, July 28, 2013

Never Give Up Your Girls

Never give up your girls for a guy. NOT EVER!  Now matter how hard he pushes the issue, complains about your friends or tells you if you REALLY loved him, you would give up the foolish ritual of "GIRLS NIGHT OUT" and desire to spend every moment of your spare time with him. That's just not healthy and any guy who dares to make such demands is not a healthy guy. In fact, I would bet my last dollar that he probably has very few, if any, true friends of his own.  Don't be flattered into thinking that he loves you so much that he just wants you all to himself all the time. A healthy person does not need, nor do they wish, to be attached at the hip of the person they love 24/7.  There's an ulterior motive behind that madness. It's called insecurity. It's also a control tactic.  He knows when you begin to grow sick and tired of his childish ways, it will be difficult to leave because you've isolated yourself from everyone but him.

Let me tell you something about guys like that. If you're not smart enough to leave him first; eventually he will leave you. And you will be devastated because you gave up everything for him; including your friends.

 If you neglect your girl friends and the guy leaves, ya got nuthin'. Even if you decide to leave him, it's still gonna hurt and you're gonna need your girls.  They are the ones who will show up at your door with a pint of your favorite ice cream, two spoons, and a bunch silly, sappy romantic movies.  They'll tell you how they secretly always thought he was a schmuck and that it's HIS loss not yours. Your girls will make you laugh through the tears when they say stuff like, "We hope his dick falls." OR "Did you see that dog he's dating now? Woof!"  Even when a good relationship ends; having your girlfriends to lean on is the best support when you're heart broken. Why? Because they've been there.

Fight hard for things that matter. Friends matter. Girls stick together, no matter what. Through thick and thin.  Any guy worth his weight in gold will see that and understand how important it is to maintain relationships outside of the one the two of you share together.

- from my novel The Bare Naked Truth: Truth and Hard Lessons Learned the Hard Way.

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